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The liberation of ammonia and nitrates from livestock manure is a process that happens in nature but cause pollution of groundwater, air and soil. The high concentration of these substances in regions with intensive farming causes environmental disasters every year and therefore the disposal is regulated by various regional and European standards.


In Italy, the high-risk areas are called vulnerable zones where the limit for spreading is set at 170 kg of nitrogen per hectare per year. PuraSystem plant allows the removal of nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen from livestock manure to encourage the spreading by decreasing the area needed (with the same volume of slurry) without altering the balance of the environment since there is adding further substances during the process. The extracts are recovered (they are not dispersed in the environment!) to be used in industries or for the production of fertilizers.


In the various tests conducted between northern Italy and Switzerland have measured concentrations of ammonia nitrogen in intensive pig farming (with over 10 ' 000 head of cattle) with average concentrations greater than 3500 mg/l, therefore extremely dangerous. The data shown at the bottom of the page are the results certified by specialized Labs about some tests with the Lab Unit, which shows the concentrations of these substances before and after treatment.




The abatement of nitrogen compounds is closely related to their concentration in the wastewater, soil also needs a certain amount of these substances. The goal of PuraSystem, achieved thanks to the unit testing lab, is to remove ammonia nitrogen (therefore also total nitrogen) of 60 – 75% in continuous operation of the system, for highly concentrated livestock waste, dropping to values around 1500 mg/l NH4.

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