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purasystem plant

Our machine uses a unique and innovative process for the removal and recovery of ammonia from slurry.


Technological research and experience have been the basis for the development of an efficient system that eliminates foaming problems and does not use additional chemical compounds to the process.


Our machine is fully mobile and easily adaptable.

Characteristics and innovation


  • 1000 liters/hour treated

  • Minimum 50 % ammonia reduction per hour

  • No chemicals 

  • No foam formation

  • No trained employees necessary  

  • Easy cleanable and inspectable

  • Ammonia recovery as fertilizer salt or in liquid form

  • No emission of pollutants in the environment

  • Mobile, transportable and adaptable plant according
    to the characteristics of the farm

  • Fully automated process

purasystem infographic

Main components


  • Slurry storage tank

  • Ammonia recovery tank

  • Macerator pump system 

  • Air blower

  • Heating reactor system 
  • Heat exchangers for temperature batch control 

  • Advanced sensor technology 

  • Touchscreen control panel and switchboard

  • Pump system optimized to avoid sedimentation of solids





Electric power


5.80 x 2.35 x 2.35









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