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The research and development team PuraSystem is formed by chemists and engineers with different skills to optimize the proposed technology and to ensure maximum efficiency and continuity.


The trials and tests have been carried out on a laboratory unit (Lab Unit), with which is reproduced the nitrogen removal process from livestock manure in small scale.

The reasons for which it has been built are:


  •  Test the operating principles and components

  •  Easy transportation and utilization


The Lab Unit was built in Switzerland in 2015 and then be upgraded thanks to the studies conducted up to the final version (pictured) with which the process was  demonstrated and performed with extraordinary results in many Italian farms between Emilia, the Veneto and Lombardy.


The Lab Unit, the work and the results achieved were presented in December 2015 in the PuraSystem and Bifrost conference held in the province of Mantova.


As regards the nitrogen and ammoniacal nitrogen removal process, the PuraSystem plant, as well as the Lab Unit, sees a thermomechanical process thanks to the action of a particular reactor which accelerates and exponentially increases the evaporation of nitrogen without affecting the other physical - chemical properties of the manure.


In this process it is not necessary the addition of any chemicals and therefore is totally environmentally friendly, also nitrogen and ammoniacal nitrogen extracts are recovered to be subsequently used as fertilizer.

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