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Remove the nitrogen from the slurry to improve our drinking water

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No chemical additives

Compact and mobile

Ammonia recovery

Highly efficient

At PuraSystem we care about our environment. Based on our activities in waste water management and slurry treatment, we have started an information campaign on nitrogen emissions.


We attach particular importance in protecting groundwater from nitrogen emissions.


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Efficient denitrification systems must be put in place in accordance with Community and local guidelines for the management of animal waste. The application of our equipment is characterized as follows

  • The slurry is taken directly from the collection tanks and denitrified so that it is ready for further application


  • The system also allows pre-treatment of the slurry in biogas plants


  • The filtered ammonia is bound separately in liquid or solid form and can, therefore, be reused

Ammonia cycle in agriculture
Agricultural ammonia emissions

Our process is unique because it offers several advantages for the operator. 


  • The machine is able to treat up to 1 cubic meter per hour of slurry and reduces the ammonia concentration by at least 50%


  • The ammonia is treated during the process in a closed system and thus no pollutant emissions into the environment arise


  • The machine has the dimensions of a standard container (half sea freight container size) and is designed to be mobile and to be relocated or transported as per your needs


  • No chemicals are used at all


PuraSystem is a Swiss startup focusing on the purification and treatment of slurry and in particular on the removal and recovery of ammonia nitrogen. Confronted with the extent of water pollution in Italy in 2014, the two founders decided to launch the project, to make a vital contribution to the preservation of nature.


Our commitment is aimed at reducing nitrogen emissions to air, water and soil. We aim to improve the quality of our environment and society. 

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